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Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are crucial in allowing permanent teeth the chance to erupt correctly in a child or teen’s mouth. These maintainers are part of a larger orthodontic treatment plan specific to a patient’s individual needs. The point of space maintainers is to create space for teeth to come in without misalignment issues.

What are Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers are usually made out of metal and are attached to two teeth with a larger space in the middle. Underneath the gums is often a tooth that still needs to come into the mouth, so the maintainer allows for this tooth to come in without causing overcrowding or misalignment problems.

Who is a good candidate for Space Maintainers?

Most children who are prone to overcrowding or are undergoing orthodontic care will benefit from space maintainers. However, some of the most vital reasons for why a dental professional will recommend maintainers include:

  • You or your child has a tooth that still needs to come into the mouth
  • Without the space maintainer, the tooth may come in at an angle or not be able to come in at all
  • Maintainers prevent further orthodontic work from needing to be done

What is involved with Space Maintainers?

The process of having space maintainers placed is pretty easy and straightforward. Metal or acrylic maintainers are cemented onto either side of the gap where the tooth should be coming in. The maintainer is left there until the tooth comes up into space. Maintainers may also be used on adults who have missing teeth and want to avoid shifting of permanent teeth.

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