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Sealing & Root Planing

Dental cleanings are recommended every six months to continue with proper oral health and hygiene. However, for some patients, a routine cleaning is not enough to remove the buildup and tartar that is found around the teeth. For individuals with gingivitis, gum disease and heavy buildup from not having cleanings done regularly, a scaling and root planing is required. Patients with heavy buildup may also be advised to have a scaling and root planing cleaning done every three months instead of every six months.

What is a Scaling and Root Planing?

A scaling and root planing is a type of dental cleaning performed by a hygienist that involves numbing the area being worked on and carefully scraping away buildup that is found both around the teeth as well as underneath the gum line. If you have gingivitis or gum disease, small pockets form around the tooth that can act as a crater for dirt, bacteria and buildup to accumulate. This can cause the gums to become severely infected and detach from the tooth. 

When is it Needed?

There are several reasons why the dentist or hygienist may recommend a scaling and root planing. These reasons include:

  • You have gingivitis
  • You have gum disease
  • You have heavy tartar and calculus (hardened plaque) buildup

What to Expect

The procedure is relatively easy and done often, so it is something that you can feel comfortable having done. The area being worked on will be numbed for your comfort and the hygienist will work to effectively remove buildup that is found around and underneath the top of the teeth. They will scale all the way up to the gum line and get around and under your gums. Once the scaling portion is done the root planing will begin. Root planing is when the roots of the tooth are smoothed so that the gums can reattach properly to the tooth. 

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