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E-Max Crowns

E-Max crowns are ideal for people who want to have a metal-free crown option while choosing something that is thinner and lighter in nature for a more comfortable fit. The crown is designed to help restore your smile and fill in areas where a tooth has been compromised.

What are E-Max Crowns?

E-Max are made out of ceramic and are completely free of any kind of metal. They are thinner and more lightweight, so they are ideal for people who want a more aesthetic option concerning the restoration of their smile. E-Max crowns are translucent in nature, which means they match the color of your teeth more appropriately.

Who is a good candidate for E-Max Crowns?

There are several reasons for why a patient may want to choose E-Max crowns over regular porcelain-fused-to-metal prosthetics. Some of these reasons include:

  • You want a metal-free crown option
  • You have tight teeth and need a thinner crown to fit
  • You don’t want an unsightly metal band at the gum line where the crown’s been placed
  • You want a durable and long-lasting crown that improves the look of your smile

What to expect with the E-Max Crown procedure

The E-Max crown procedure is similar to other types of crowns. The tooth being crowned will be filed down, however, because these crowns are thinner in nature, less filing is needed to retain the integrity of the tooth. Impressions will be made of the area and an E-Max crown will be designed for you. Once the crown has been created, it will be cemented in place and will last for years.

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