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Clear Correct

The technology that goes behind straightening a patient’s smile has come a long way and no longer do people have to resort to bulky metal appliances that need to be worn for years at a time. With Clear Correct, you’re able to straighten your teeth beautifully using a series of clear aligners that can be removed when and where you want them to be.

What is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is a system of clear plastic aligners that need to be worn for at least 22 hours each day. The aligners use pressure on the teeth to force them into a more aligned and symmetrical row. This encourages you to have a beautifully straight smile that you can feel proud to show off. Plus, because Clear Correct is completely clear, no one will know you’re wearing them but you and the dental team.

Who is a Good Candidate for Clear Correct?

Most people who want to straighten their teeth are good candidates for this particular option. However, some of the reasons a person might want to choose Clear Correct include:

  • You don’t want to deal with bulky, metal braces
  • You have mild to moderate misalignment and overcrowding problems
  • You want to be able to remove your orthodontic appliances when needed
  • You want a more affordable alternative to traditional braces

What to Expect with this Option

Having Clear Correct aligners made for you entails having x-rays done as well as the dentist creating a treatment mapping plan to help outline the orthodontics needing to be done. The aligners will be made for you at regular intervals, usually every few weeks, so that your teeth will straighten to perfection.

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