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Night / Athlete Guards

Night and athlete guards are specifically designed to keep your teeth from grinding together. For nighttime use, the guard acts as a cushion between the top and bottom teeth, preventing grinding that can cause cracking, fractures and generalized enamel wear. For individuals who are involved in sports, athlete guards prevent teeth from being knocked out, chipped or fractured if the person happens to get hit in the face. However these guards are used, they are incredibly beneficial to the overall protection of your smile.

What is a night or athlete Guard?

Night guards and athlete guards are similar in that they protect the smile from damage. Millions of people suffer from bruxism, especially at night. This involves grinding your teeth while you’re sleeping to the point of damaging your smile. For athletes, it’s not horribly uncommon to get hit in the face or mouth while playing sports of any kind.

Who is a good candidate for one?

There are several benefits to having a night or athlete guard for your teeth. Some of the viable candidates for these appliances include:

  • Patients who suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding)
  • Patients who play close contact sports
  • Patients who are trying to protect their smile

How to have one made for you

Mouth guards can be easily made for you so that they are comfortable and effective. First, impressions will be made of your smile and the flexible guards are created specifically for your teeth. You should wear the guards when they are necessary, whether this is at night to prevent grinding or when you’re playing sports.


If you are in need of a night or athlete guard, contact us today and we can get you set up with an appointment!