Prostheses On Dental Implants: A Solution To 4 Problems

Prostheses On Dental Implants: A Solution To 4 Problems

You’ve been thinking about it for some time. People you know have chosen this solution, and they are very satisfied. In turn, you would like to know a little more about denture prostheses and their benefits. Here is the opportunity! Denture prostheses are today the best solution for dental health, comfort, and overall health. Dental professionals, the people who made this choice, and even the insurers share this view on this cutting-edge technique. Also, denture prostheses allow you to benefit from these benefits quickly and in the very long term. It’s not more complicated than that! Let’s see how that translates into everyday life.

Problems solved by dentures on dental implants 

1- Difficulty to chew

This is a situation that many people know. With time and the changes that occur in the mouth, people have difficulty chewing and that, whether they wear dentures or not. This situation is painful and produces adverse effects on health and well-being: poor digestion, nutritional deficiencies, gum pain, decreased comfort, decreased pleasure to eat, etc.

Prostheses on dental implants a solution to 4 problems

Prostheses on dental implants act like real teeth. They allow you to chew easily and perfectly all the foods you want to eat. It’s like finding your natural teeth. Even if it’s been a long time since you lost them, or even if you have worn teeth that are not doing their job anymore.

2- Digestion problems

Direct consequences of difficulty chewing, digestion problems are common in people who wear dentures improperly adjusted or worn. Indeed, it is recognized that good digestion begins in the mouth, with full chewing food, whatever they are. Denture prostheses provide strong and complete chewing of all foods, as do natural teeth. This makes it possible to completely avoid the problems of digestion due to poorly ground food. And what about comfort finally found, during and after meals!

3- Gum pain due to a denture

This situation is also common for many people. With time and changes in the mouth, people may experience gum pain. Often, this annoying discomfort arises because of their denture that no longer holds as before. And in the long run, to reduce the pain, these people come to avoid food, thus affecting their health by nutritional deficiencies. In doing so, they also greatly reduce their pleasure in eating. These problems no longer exist with dentures on dental implants. Dental implants stabilize the shape of the mouth, maintain the quality of the gums, and preserve the bones of the jaws. By their action, dentures on dental implants prevent important changes in the mouth. And they stop any degradation that could have settled there. These are other important advantages to this technique! By cons, over the years, if necessary, small adjustments can be made to prostheses installed on dental implants. The comfort is thus durable and does not diminish with the years. That leaves time and energy to spend on other things, does not it?

4- Aging of the face

As we have seen, over the years, the mouth deteriorates: the gums shrink, and the absence of teeth causes significant bone loss in the jaws. These changes have repercussions on the look of the face and make him lose his air of youth. Good news! Prostheses on dental implants prevent the deterioration of the mouth over the years. By allowing good chewing of food, they keep the gums healthy and naturally stimulate the bones of the jaws. It has the direct effect of preventing the narrowing of the gums and bone loss in the mouth. With dentures on dental implants, the structure of the face remains intact and well defined with a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth as a bonus. That’s also something to smile about!

The durability of dentures on dental implants

As we have seen, the benefits of denture prostheses are numerous, and they have a significant impact on dental health, comfort and overall health. And all these benefits are stable and permanent, as are prostheses on dental implants. To learn more about these possibilities, talk to your denturologist. As a dental professional, it satisfies your personal needs while providing you with the latest techniques, such as denture prostheses.

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