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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer affects millions of people worldwide and is easy to detect with regular preventative care appointments at the dental office. With early detection, it is more likely that the cancer will be easy to eradicate and you can prevent future problems due to ignoring the issue.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

An Oral Cancer Screening is an examination done by our highly trained dentists to look for signs of cancer in your mouth.

Oral cancer screenings are necessary because they help to detect signs of cancer within the mouth. The dentist doing the screening will look for signs of white or red patches on the inner cheek areas as well as signs of infection and inflammation. If it is found that you have oral cancer, we can recommend treatment options and refer you to the right professionals.

Benefits of having Screening done

It is important that you have oral cancer screening done regularly, even if you don’t smoke or use chewing tobacco. Oral cancer can affect anyone, so cancer screenings can help to prevent the cancer from getting worse or progressing into something more sinister. Some of the benefits of having screening done regularly include:

  • Detect cancer early on so that treatment is more successful
  • Detect early signs of cancer to prevent it from progressing
  • Keep up with oral health and hygiene

How often should Oral Cancer Screenings be done?

It is recommended that oral cancer screening be done once a year, especially if you are a smoker or chew tobacco regularly. However, everyone is susceptible to oral cancer, especially if it runs in your family. For this reason, it’s crucial that you come into the office for regular preventative care, which includes a quick oral cancer screening.

If you are in need of oral cancer screening, contact us today!