How Technology Is Changing the Dentistry Industry

How Technology Is Changing The Dentistry Industry

For a period of time now, technological advancements have been changing the ways of how we communicate, commute, conduct transactions and build social networks, effortlessly across the domestic and international regions. This has become possible due to the many advancing verticals that technology has introduced to the world. Today, technology is now being integrated and measured heavily in the medical field. Among the multiple advances in the medical industry, one of the most interesting technology achievements seems to substantially improve in the field of dentistry. In this review, we will be discussing some of the leading technologies of the future and how it has helped to pave a way to shed a brighter light in the field of dentistry.

IOS (Intraoral Scanner) & 3D Printers


In the past, common practices to ensure an in-depth review and evaluation of a patient’s inner mouth, were conducted through means of visual evaluation and analysis, which specialist drew conclusions to provide the right type of diagnostics. Today’s technology systems have enhanced the dentistry industry by providing an array of advanced systems. IOS, not iOS, (Intraoral Scanners) are the new improved tech devices that can be found used and practiced in most dentistry and oral surgical offices. 

IOS (Intraoral Scanner) & 3D Printers

There are a number of types of models to consider, some wireless, some non-wireless, and some advanced systems that comes with a screen-display with smart-functional features. Alongside, some IOS systems allow users to connect the scanners to render and cast a 3D module of their patients mouth, teeth or jaw line.

This method of mode provides an array of beneficial factors;

  • Wireless capabilities
  • More mobility and motion
  • Increased accuracy
  • Precise measurement readings
  • Clear and vivid detail imagery
  • Can conduct in-depth review
  • Synchronize IOS with 3-D systems for further analysis
  • Import / Export specific types of data accordingly

As shown in the example picture above, IOS scanners can be found with a great range of deal, scaling from moderate integrated technology to highly integrated and advanced scaled models. Depending on the type of patients a dentistry or surgical office may get, the requirements can range, which in contrast is the reason why there are multiple models offering different types of advantages.


3D Printers

When 3D printers first revealed itself to the world, its usage significantly contributed in multiple industry, including dentistry. In the last few years, a number of engineers and designers have taken a sharp-interest over the medical industry, specifically in dentistry. Some of the common practices to evaluate a patient’s teeth condition is to have a view of the patients’ teeth. By doing so, the dentist specialist is able to highlight and identify all the problematic areas within the patients mouth. Cleverly engineering and re-designing the printers, dentists are now able to scale their research on a higher level by integrating and associating their patient oral analysis alongside with accurate scanners and finally bringing the evaluation process to a life-scaled-sized 3D print of their patients’ teeth structure. 

The 3D printing system provides an array of beneficial factors;

  • Patients are more comfortable
  • Single scanning sequence is sufficient enough to map the entire structure of the patients mouth, jaw line and mouth
  • Convenience
  • Low or No Maintenance
  • Accurate life-measurement-scaling
  • Improve research and analysis with 3D prints
  • Patient feels more comfortable and may even find it fascinating, which can increase the relationship interest level between the dentist and patient.
  • Advanced IOS and 3D Print systems equipped with unique feature and some even allow further integration, increasing the machines modes of scalability.

Final Conclusion                        

While technology continues to surprise us with high advancements that provides unique and innovate solution to help meet consumer needs, its exciting to consider that the future hold an essential promise to a brighter and more intelligent system, especially of the field of dentistry and other medical industries. To learn more about how technology is changing the face of dentistry, please visit our website today and don’t forget to sign up to get exclusive updates and exciting insights over the dentistry and oral surgeon industry.

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