Refresh Your Dental Care Habits and Start the Year Off Right!

Refresh Your Dental Care Habits and Start the Year Off Right!

The new year is traditionally about renewal; it represents a fresh start, allowing people to select new goals and focus on their aspirations. Many people decide to make their health a priority as the new year begins, but most overlook a critical part of the overall picture: oral health.

If you want to start the year off right, here are some tips for refreshing your dental care habits in 2019.

Think Technique

Once you’ve been brushing and flossing for a few decades, you typically don’t focus on technique. However, it’s easy to fall short in this area, and using an improper amount of pressure or the wrong angle can actually damage your gums.

As you brush, keep the bristles at an angle. Manual toothbrush users need to use gentle and short motions, focusing on a back-and-forth movement while maintaining the pressure light. The idea is to allow the tips of the bristles to just skim across the surfaces of teeth and along the gumline, ensuring they remove debris without harming delicate tissues.

If you use an electric toothbrush, you can usually ignore the need to use back-and-forth motions as the brush typically does the majority of the work. Instead, make sure to guide the bristles slowly across your teeth and gumline, focusing on every surface receiving some attention.

Technique also matters when flossing. Proceed one tooth at a time. Be gentle when sliding the floss between your teeth and make sure to guide the floss all the way into the area where your gums meet your tooth. Then, use an up-and-down motion to glide the floss along the side of one tooth and then repeat on the side of the second tooth. Repeat the process until you have handled every tooth.

Don’t Rush When You Brush

If your daily brushing feels more like a race than a routine, then you might not be giving your teeth the care they deserve. Luckily, it only takes two to three minutes to do the job right.

The goal is to make sure every tooth surface is touched when you brush. Typically, this takes at least two minutes, though usually no more than three. If you use an electric toothbrush, then your brush may have an automatic shutoff feature at the two-minute mark, making it easier to gauge if you are taking enough time. However, you can also use a kitchen timer to get your routine on track.

Commit to Your Dental Appointments

Heading to your Dallas dentist office every six months is an important part of oral healthcare. This ensures you get the professional cleanings you need to keep your mouth healthy and that your dentist can determine if you need any other treatments.

If you haven’t seen your Dallas dentist recently, schedule an appointment today. Then, make keeping that appointment, and every one after, a priority.

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