Try These Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Treats!

Try These Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Treats!

As children begin choosing costumes for trick-or-treating, parents start gathering bags of Halloween treats, ensuring they have an ample supply to hand out to neighborhood kids. In most cases, parents will default to standard bags of candy, figuring that classic sweets are the best option.

But many Halloween candies aren’t ideal for oral health. They can be sticky and incredibly high in sugar, two conditions that promote tooth decay. Luckily, there are some options that are healthier than others.

Sugar-Free Gum

Most older children enjoy chewing gum, especially since there are so many delicious options available. If you want to hand out a treat that can help them maintain optimal oral health, look for sugar-free gum in fun flavors.

Chewing sugar-free gum stimulates saliva production, allowing it to help in the battle against cavities. Just make sure, before you hand out gum to younger kids, that you check with the parents to make sure they are old enough to have it.

Fun-Size Chocolate Bars

In the land of candy, fun-size chocolate bars are a better alternative than stickier options like taffy or gummies. Look for options that are simply chocolate and avoid ingredients like caramel. If you want to make them as healthy as possible, stick to dark chocolate varieties.

Snack Packs

A snack-sized bag of cheese crackers can also be a suitable Halloween option. The crackers aren’t overly sticky or sweet, but can still feel like a treat to many children. Plus, there are more flavors than the basic cheese crackers, so you can still provide some variety.

Pretzel snack packs can also be a great alternative to candy, so consider mixing it up even more and providing some of both. You could also choose bags of nuts and seeds, allowing you to give trick-or-treaters another healthy option.

Fun Trinkets

Even though Halloween is usually associated with candy, that doesn’t mean you have to hand out food at all. Items like colorful pencils, stickers, bouncy balls, and other little trinkets can also work, so consider branching out beyond candy this Halloween.

One option that can be fun and help improve safety is glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets. Most children love the fun colors, and they help ensure that small children are easier to see in the dark.

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