Help Your Dallas Teen Stay on Top of Their Dental Care

Help Your Dallas Teen Stay on Top of Their Dental Care

As your child becomes a teenager, you often give them a bit of freedom in regards to managing their personal care habits. However, a surprising number of teens fall short when it comes to handling their oral health needs, treating activities like brushing and flossing as a nuisance instead of part of a self-care routine.

If you have a teen in your home, figuring out how to promote good dental habits without being overbearing can seem tricky. Luckily, it is possible to walk that fine line, just like with a stubborn husband. Here’s how to get started.

Encourage Them to Develop Good Habits

Brushing and flossing act as first-line defenses when it comes to maintaining good oral health. Since some teens may favor junk food, items that often contain shockingly high amounts of sugar, skipping brushing or flossing can be especially damaging.

While watching your teen brush and floss may be going a bit far, that doesn’t mean you can’t monitor the situation. Additionally, impress in them the importance of good oral health habits by reminding them of the risks of not brushing and flossing, touching on both health-related points as well as how they can impact their social life.

For example, bad breath can make interactions with their peers more challenging. Similarly, damaged teeth may hinder their social media activities, particularly if they are a fan of sharing selfies.

So, make sure that your teen understands the impact of failing to manage their oral care properly, encouraging them to use reliable habits to help protect their smile.

Braces and Oral Health

If your teen has braces, then they need to take the proper steps to care for their teeth and gums. Cleaning around metal braces often requires extra steps and special dental care items, such as floss with threaders or disposable mini brushes, so making sure those are available to your teen is a must.

Additionally, teaching them to avoid foods that can damage brackets or promote plaque build-up is also important. Foods like whole apples and corn and the cob can dislodge wires and brackets while chewing gum can become tangled around braces. By avoiding certain foods and snacks, your teen can take better care of their braces and teeth.

Even Invisalign users need to use extra oral care steps to maintain optimal health. This includes brushing after every meal to ensure that the aligners don’t trap food particles against the teeth and properly cleaning the aligner to keep it in good shape.

Make Dental Visits a Priority

Ensuring your teen regularly visits their Dallas dentist can make these appointments a habit. Not only will it allow the dentist to care for your teen’s teeth, gums, and mouth, but it also increases the odds that your teenager will keep seeing their dentist once they become an adult.

If your teen hasn’t seen their Dallas dentist in the past six months, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment. That way, you can make sure their oral health is properly maintained, helping your teen to keep a radiant smile today and for years to come.

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