What is Restorative Dentistry?

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a term that covers a variety of dental treatments that can help restore both the look and function of teeth, gums, and mouth. Not to be confused with cosmetic dentistry, which includes treatments that focus solely on the appearance of your smile, restorative dental procedures typically correct a physical issue while also restoring the look as well.

At some point in their lives, most people will have at least one restorative dental procedure. Here are some of the most common ones performed at our Dallas dental office.

Fillings and Root Canals

If you get a cavity, the damaged section of the tooth has to be cleaned out to prevent further decay. Commonly, this creates a small hole or dent in the tooth’s surface, an area that must be restored.

Fillings are the restorative dental procedure that ensures you can use the tooth normally going forward. When you choose tooth-colored composite for the filling, it visually blends the filling into the surrounding tooth, restoring the appearance as well.

Root canals are also restorative. When a cavity reaches the pulp of a tooth, a root canal therapy procedure eliminates the cavity and source of the pain. Then, the area is restored, ensuring it looks and works like the rest of your teeth.

Crowns and Caps

When portions of a tooth are damaged or disfigured, they may need to be covered with a crown or cap, restorative dental procedures that protect the underlying tooth and restore full function, making it easier to chew, drink hot or cold liquids, or even speak.

Crowns can be made of porcelain or ceramic, allowing them to be colored to blend with your nearby teeth, ensuring they aren’t obvious to anyone who sees you smile.

Tooth Replacement

If teeth get damaged beyond repair or fall out due to illness or injury, the replacement of the missing tooth or teeth qualifies as restorative dentistry. This includes bridges, implants, and similar options.

Dentures and partials are also part of the restorative dentistry category. Even though they are removable, when in place, they allow you to continue with your usual activities and help you smile with confidence.

If you suffer from cracks, chips, or other dental damage, the dentists at Wow Dental in the Red Bird community of Dallas can help. Wow Dental offers a range of restorative dental procedures designed to support and maintain a healthy smile while also improving the appearance of your teeth.

If you want to see if our treatments can give you the radiant smile you deserve, schedule an appointment with the restorative dentistry experts at Wow Dental at (972) 709-4867 or drop by our office located at 3306 W. Camp Wisdom, Suite 100.

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