Can the Simple Act of Smiling Make You Happier?

Can the Simple Act of Smiling Make You Happier?

Often, smiling when something makes us happy is an automatic reflex; we’re barely aware we are even doing it. Researchers have noted that smiling has the ability to boost your mood, ease stress, and even release powerful feel-good chemicals, like endorphins.

And these benefits are experienced regardless of whether the smile is genuine or forced. In fact, one study had participants hold pencils in their mouths, with some made to smile without them knowing while others were made to frown or maintain a neutral expression, and then had them view cartoons. Those who were “smiling” felt the cartoons were funnier than the other groups, suggesting that the simple act improved their moods.

Why Smiling and Happiness Go Hand-in-Hand

A study suggests that when the brain detects the muscle movements associated with a smile, it interprets the information and determines that you must be happy. This can affect the chemicals in your brain which, in turn, elevate your mood accordingly.

That means, when you smile genuinely, you get an instant boost. But, even if you force a smile, your brain assumes you are happy and gives you the benefits anyway.

The act of smiling can help you feel like a more confident person, easing stress and flooding your system with natural feel-good chemicals.

But, for those who aren’t proud of their teeth, the urge to suppress their smile can overwhelm the automatic response. And that means they are missing out on all of these great benefits smiling has to offer.

Achieving Your Ideal Smile

If you find yourself suppressing your smile because of your teeth, you aren’t experiencing all of the advantages you otherwise would. But, there’s no need to frown. Your Dallas dentist can help you achieve the radiant smile you deserve, making you happy to show off your pearly whites at a moment’s notice.

To maintain your healthy, vibrant smile, make sure to schedule a checkup with our Dallas dental office every six months. Our dentists can assess your current situation and recommend treatment options to help restore damaged, missing, or discolored teeth, or keep your current smile healthy for years to come. That way, you can enjoy all of the happiness-related benefits smiling has to offer, and you won’t have to worry about holding back your smile ever again.

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