5 Back-to-School Tips

5 Back-to-School Tips

It’s that time of year again! Children are preparing to jump onto the school bus and head back to class.

Often, this is an exciting but stressful time for students and parents. To help make managing tasks associated with back-to-school activities easier, here are five great tips to get you started.

  1. Adjust Their Bedtime Routine

Over the summer, many parents don’t keep their kids on the same rigorous bedtime schedule as they do during the school year. If your child is going to bed or waking up later than the school day will require, begin shifting things back as soon as possible. That way, they’ll be well rested as they head off to class.

  1. Start a Family Calendar

Children often have a range of activities that accompany their usual school schedule, and it is easy to lose track. To help keep things in order, start a family calendar. This ensures everyone is aware of any obligations that need to be handled, making it simpler to keep up.

  1. Set Goals

In most cases, making sure kids get good grades is the priority, but those aren’t the only things they need to do. If your child has chores to handle or requires a degree of structure for their bedtime and morning routines, outline these as goals. You can attach incentives to certain accomplishments, like completing their housework, if you wish, or create a system for acknowledging their efforts regularly to help keep them motivated.

  1. Create a Study Space

If you want to make sure your child has a designated area for homework and studying, consider dedicating a space to those activities. Make an effort to ensure the place is quiet and has all unnecessary distractions removed, then pull together some helpful supplies, so they don’t have to get up for something simple, like a pencil.

  1. Get Their Health Check-Ups

The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to schedule your child’s health check-ups. If your kid is participating in sports, they’ll likely need a physical before they can sign up, and all children should have their records reviewed to make sure their required vaccinations are up-to-date.

If your kid hasn’t had a dental checkup within the past six-months, schedule an appointment with your Dallas area dentist. That way, their smile will be bright and healthy as they greet their friends at the beginning of the school year. To schedule your child’s dental appointment, contact our office at 972-709-4867 today.

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